Saturday, February 12, 2011

Avoiding the Plague

Pink eye


It’s been a week since our last update and honestly not too much has been going on. We have been laying low trying to avoid a very bad bug – we refer to as the plague – that is going around the area. It has been so rampant that at least one entire school was closed because so many of the students, teachers, & staff were out sick. One of Elias therapist was telling us that most people that have been stricken with it have been ill for nearly 3 weeks. Something that intense is VERY bad news for Elias! Of course this is the week he finally decides to get a mundane issue – pink eye. The first time every where going to his pediatrician would be valid and just. The timing just sucked with all the sickness there. Thankfully, we avoided a visit and he just called in a prescription for eye drops. The only other point of interest is that Elias received his own BAHA on Thursday.

This one is a little different (improved) from the one he has been trialing. This one is all digital with a processing filter. It is a bronzish – tan color with a navy blue headband. They are great colors for him. There are some photos of the BAHA here. We will get some of Elias wearing it soon. He needs a little time to adjust to this as it is much more sensitive than what he is used to. So we are slowly breaking him into it. That is all we have for now. We should have some items to update early in the week. Thanks for reading.


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