Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clinic Today

We just returned from Elias Pulmonary add-on visit. Dr Wood was pleased with what he saw today and said that he felt better having laid eyes on him. He really just wanted to be certain that Elias had not also contracted on of these nasty respiratory infections going185769_1881071792332_1407436522_2144200_1589148_n around. That is not the case, thankfully. When Dr Woods nurse walked in Elias was walking around the room. She was so happy to see that. I think Elias gave us all a much bigger scare this time around. As always it seems he has bounced back as quick as it came on leaving no evidence. Regardless, we will take it. We discussed what we did here at home and how we should proceed in the future. No real changes despite everyone’s desire to figure this out. He did give us very high praise for making the decision Sunday to increase his ventilator support. That is what we will continue to do going forward. As he said, “Elias drives the bus, we are only passengers. We go where he goes.” We are not really doing much to chase down a reason – it is unfortunately a fact of life. You could probably draw a similarity for this as sugar lows are a part of diabetes. Despite your efforts to control, at times the body takes over and dictates. I suppose the intense difference in intervention makes that a stretch, but you get the idea. Thank you all for the support the past few days and prayers. These are always appreciated. We are pretty exhausted, so we are grateful this round is behind us. Until the next time we can all breathe a little easier – Pun Intended!

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