Friday, April 22, 2011

A Request for Elias!

One of the most common things commented to us about Elias is his smile. Lord only knows how this child that has endured so much and will continue to be challenged with manages to keep a smile on his face 99% of the time. Well here are two opportunities to help keep Elias smiling.

The first is for our Facebook followers. Chase community giving has begun it's yearly voting contest. The first round goes until May 4, 2011. It takes 2 seconds to follow this link & follow the directions to Vote for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. You are going to want to see this because Elias photo is the one EVERYONE sees. One look at his adorable face and he will capture your heart! We know, we see it happen  a lot! The top 100 organizations $25,000 and continue on to another round. That is $25,000 for research that just might one day provide a cure for Elias and others with FA. There is a lot of groups and the only way we have a chance is to capture every opportunity. So please after you vote won't you please share this with your friends.

Speaking of friends, here is the second opportunity to help Elias smile more! In celebration of International Fanconi Anemia Day which is May 1st (also Elias! 3rd birthday) we want to remind you all of the online donation challenge. You all know 10 people right? Each of them know 10 people. That is 100 potential donors just like that and $10 is all you are asking. 100 people @ $10 is $1,000. Follow the math and see that 100 of us initiate this challenge and pushing it we would bring in $100 thousand dollars for research. The beauty of this is that we all know more than 10 people. A huge thank you to all who have already donated.

Remember, Fanconi Anemia research is not only helping patients with FA, but it is positively impacting various cancer research as well. Breast, prostate, ovarian, & head and neck cancers are among them. Without FA research some of the advances in their research may not yet have been discovered or more slowly developed. So fanconi anemia research has the potential to reach and help millions in the general population. We thank you for your support with Elias! as well as these two activities.


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