Sunday, April 3, 2011

Support Elias! & International Fanconi Anemia Day

May 1st will be the Second Annual International Fanconi Anemia Day. There is an online challenge set up in celebration. Please support and honor Elias! by participating and carrying out the challenge. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to Elias! for his birthday, which is also May 1st. This fundraiser has potential to be very significant if everyone participates and follows through. It takes minimal effort and minimal a minimal amount. A cure must be found so we do not lose more children!

Here is how it works -

Donate a minimum of $10 then share this and challenge at least 10 of your co-workers, friends and family to do the same. Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites, shout it from the top of a mountain, or any other method you can dream up to spread the word and ask them to follow your lead. The challenge is not complete yet. Each person you reach out to also needs to inspire 10 of their friends to donate and so on. If everyone follows through and meets the challenge, your simple $10 beginning will be responsible for $1000+ for desperately needed Fanconi Anemia research. Take the time, it only takes a few moments. Make the easy effort to follow through. Most everyone can find more than 10 people to complete this challenge. **When making your donation please check the “add a dedication” box and in addition to honoring Elias! please also add “FA Day Challenge” to assist the research fund to properly attribute where each donation originates. Thank you for your assistance. 


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