Friday, May 13, 2011

Breathing or the lack there of

Just a quick update. Today has not been a good day. It is a harsh reminder how things can be great one moment and the next moment everything is crazy. Elias began having his episodes again where he just stops breathing. The first one this morning was the worst we have ever seen in terms of how blue he was. We hoped it would be one of those day where it happens once or twice and we move on. Elias has other plans! He has already had several episodes to this point today and we had to make the decision to put him on the ventilator this morning (typically only uses it at night). We decided with his Pulmonary doctor after the last round that this was a good management option. Unfortunately, even with an increase in the breaths per minute Elias is having difficulty maintaining his oxygen saturation levels. We have had to place him on oxygen in addition to the ventilator. We have tried to wean through the afternoon, but have been unsuccessful. His little body just isn’t handling things without it right now. He has been letting the vent do most of the breathing for him. He may just be so zapped of energy that he is allowing the machine to do all the work. We will keep you posted as things change. Please keep Elias in your prayers that this passes quickly.

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