Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaken not Stirred

Man does it ever seem to be more difficult to find time to update lately. It seems like the longer we go between updates the more difficult it is to put it all together. More on that later. Yesterday there was an earthquake in Virginia, you all undoubtedly know this. We have a great deal of friends in family in that area that were thankfully unaffected and safe. We also had tremors here in our area as a result, but nothing too bad. Crazy stuff! Shortly after the "earthquake" we had to make our way to the hospital for a Pulmonary appointment. This was a routine follow-up because of Elias' hospital stay a few weeks ago. Pretty much status-quot, which is always welcomed. Dr Wood did comment on the new adrenal insufficiency. Again he is so amazed that Elias has yet another affecting diagnosis, that there isn't a system or organ in this boy's body that isn't impacted in some way from Fanconi Anemia, yet he thrives and out performs expectations. No one is complaining of course, but it is amazing. He is interested in watching how Elias does over the next 4-6 months with the recurrence or absence of  his spontaneous breathing stoppages. Will the Keppra (anti-seizure medication) have any impact on that or not? He will be working along with neurology to evaluate. Katharine took the opportunity to ask him about the possibility of letting Elias have anything by mouth, knowing what the answer would be but you have to ask you know. He chuckled a bit and hung his head and said, "I don't want to answer that." He still feels it is too dangerous a risk, especially since there has only been marginal improvement in the airway compression along with the lack of growth to assist that. It is fair and we expected that as we said, but again if you don't ask....

Speaking of the Keppra - we have started to see a diminished amount of side-effects with the adding of the Vitamin B-6 along with the natural adjustment. So that is a positive sign. The daily steroid that endocrinology has ordered also seems to be having a positive impact. He has been on that 3 times a day for just under a week and we can already tell a difference. On a not so positive note, Elias' IGG level has plummeted. These levels correspond with immune system function. He dropped close to 200 points to the low 600's. He was around 890. Normal ranges for this is 400 as an accepted low and 1200. He has been steadily declining since May from 920 to 890 and now the huge sudden drop has the doctors a little concerned. We already have gone back to extra precaution mode with him and will continue that for awhile. He will be getting IVIG much more frequently it seems. We got a call yesterday from the FA clinic saying they wanted him in for an infusion this week, but were okay with waiting until next week if need be just no later than that. I think the bigger concern at the moment is we are getting ready to head into cold/flu season and with him being more compromised than his normal is a touch concerning. So they want to figure this out and get his IGG numbers back up as quickly as they can. There will be more on this in the near future we are sure. One final item to quickly note is we are moving forward to see the Infectious Disease (ID) team in order to try and get a better grasp on the c-diff situation. GI is just not doing much to follow-up on this, and he has been put on the same course of vancomycin for the dozenthish (is that even a word?) time. A few of his doctors were NOT happy to hear he was being treated again, because the symptoms were not there 100%. We agreed.  So we are looking for another opinion, especially after the conversation we had with ID when he was being evaluated during his admission.

Overall Elias continues to improve and recover. We are settling into his new routine, which has become a bit more intense as we have increased from 5 daily meds to 9 (most 2-3 times per day around the clock) and 16 overall with the "as needed" and emergency medicines. Kind of reminds us of our first months home. We switched pharmacies 3 weeks ago, they already know my name and face we have been in so many times. We continue to be thankful for how well he is doing all things considered. Especially after being reminded so much lately how unlikely it should be and how incredibly complicated, medically he continues to become. Thank you all for the continued support and prayers. They are obviously being answered.  

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