Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Ambulance Ride

This morning shortly after 3am Elias started to have another seizure. This one lasted about 30 minutes. All the emergency protocol medicines had to be used, including the IM shot. We called 911 when the meds only lessened the severity of the seizure, but did not stop it. While being transported to the hospital the seizures stopped.

The initial evaluation showed Elias with a fever of 102 and his heart rate is elevated. The usual suspect list of blood work, urinalysis, & monitoring has already begun. We are still in the ED and it doesn't appear we are moving anytime soon. All we know at this point is we have answered the question a half dozen times already who is primary care doctor is and who his neurologist is and that there is a very high probability he will be admitted. Otherwise, we are pretty clueless. We are not sure if they will want to do another spinal tap or not to check for meningitis again. Remember the jury was out on if the last one was from that or not based on the results of the spinal tap.

Despite all these issues Elias has been in pretty good spirits and has the occasional smile. These are welcomed sights for sure. We will keep everyone posted as always on progress. Thanks again for the prayers and support

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