Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For Want of A Blanket

I know we are long overdue for a update on things & hopefully soon we will be afforded the time for that to happen. This morning we had to share this story with you though.

Elias! will only sleep & use crochet blankets. He has half a dozen that various people have made for him. He LOVES them and always has, even while in the NICU. He has a particular favorite one that Katharine made. She was actually just practicing patterns one night and Elias! walked up, noticed it and took it from her - still attached to the ball of yarn. It was adorable and Katharine realized this was going to end up a Blanket for him, we now call his chocolate covered cherry blanket. It is brown with a red center, thus the name. That isn't the story we wanted to share. It is the back story that sets up his attachment to this one particular blanket.

Yesterday morning we took Elias! to his room as we always do for his cares. While we are cleaning up Elias! jumps up and runs around as usual. Then we notice he is standing by his hamper reaching in trying to pull something out. It was his chocolate covered cherry blanket. It had been put in the hamper and replaced with another so it could be washed. This is not uncommon. We wash them all once a week. We picked Elias! And the blanket remained in the hamper. He did not put up too much of a fuss. Once down stairs he began to run around and play. Then he headed to the stairs and began crawling up. That isn't unusual, he enjoys climbing them. He usually stops at the last step, turns around and slides down. We have never been able to get him to climb that last step...until then. Without hesitation and with obvious purpose he went up the last step, stood up and walked to his room. He stood at the closed gate holding the bars and trying to get in. It was adorable. We opened the gate and he smiled, ran into his room and headed straight to the hamper. He quickly grabbed his chocolate covered cherry blanket and walked back over for us to pick up and carry him back downstairs. He was happy! We learned two things. We already knew how determined Elias! could be, but he has never been this way over an object. Secondly, when ready to was the said blanket take it directly to the washing machine :-)
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