Friday, December 2, 2011

The Overdue Thanksgiving Update

Ready for Bed - Being Cute
This update on Turkey Day is very overdone  overdue!! We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and spent resting as we prepared for Katharine's crazy work schedule that weekend and being nurse-less. We kept our Thanksgiving feast simple. We went with ham rather than turkey this year. Very good choice. It was incredible! Katharine did a wonderful job, as always. One day we hope Elias will get to sample and enjoy his mommy's fantastic culinary skills. This particular thanksgiving brought the thankfulness of not having had a hospitalization preceding it. While he has always been home, the weeks before have always been rough. Last year especially, with the failed colostomy reversal and bowel herniation that lead to emergency surgery. We were discharged unexpectantly at 8pm the Wednesday before. Last year we had hot dogs for Thanksgiving. Having been in the hospital the previous 3 1/2 weeks we had obviously put off shopping for food since we were not expecting to be home and we were too exhausted for anything else. Being home was a blessing, but Elias was miserable and still recovering. In fact it took until January for him to fully get back to normal. So obviously this Thanksgiving was made sweeter.

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
While it has been a difficult year full of changes and new concerns we have a lot for which to be thankful. The many people who pray for our family is among the most thankful blessings. The friends and family that check in on us and help out in various ways are always uplifting. We have a few 'Angels' in our lives, one of whom is completely anonymous, that we are blessed to have think of Elias and selflessly provide support at just the right times. We can never put into words how touching those gestures are. These people know who they are and we just want them to know how appreciative their thoughts and support are. We are thankful for the progress Elias has made this year, medically and developmentally. While there have been significant new challenges medically to contend with, his medical team has risen to the occasion to ensure we are equipped and trained to care for and handle these things. The focused care they provide him are realized in his daily growth and development. Without them it would not be possible. We are also thankful for the will God provides us to embrace these difficult times and the ability to advocate intelligently and sternly for his needs. We are fortunate to have the drive to push through the fatigue and exhaustion - mental & physical - and continue to provide to Elias' needs. There are so many more things we are thankful for and a great many individuals we are blessed to know. We could write for days on these. Just know that each and everyone of you that follow Elias' journey is special to us. All of your thoughts and prayers, comments, emails, letters and phone calls are uplifting and appreciated dearly. Thank you from our family to yours!

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