Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Full Schedule Week of 2012

 It has been a typically busy week. One or two appointments each day that will continue through the week. Elias has IVIG as well as O.R. time with dental for cleaning and oral cancer screening. This is important and needs to be done early for Fanconi Anemia patients. While under general anesthesia he will also have another MRI and a discussion with his Neurologist about the readings. While everything should be routine, for Elias anytime he goes under anesthesia it is always a little nerve racking for us as well as his doctors. There is always high risk respiratory wise for him. Thoughts and prayers on Friday will be appreciated.


 We are anxious to see what Elias' IGG levels will be, which the results will not be available until The beginning of next week. We are hoping for a continued rise in the level versus the up, down trend that he has been showing. We have noticed some increased energy in him overall, day to day so we hope that is an indicator of positive results.




The photos on today's post are from this afternoon while Elias was being fed. They turned out great! He was watching 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.' It has become one of his favorites. Thanks to his great-grandparents  Nana & Papa for buying this for him. Elias has continued to be really into the chasing game. The communication intent, engagement an initiation of action is HUGE for him. It is a big step forward in his understanding how to effectively communicate. It has been very exciting.


As always we thank everyone for taking the time to read about our amazing little man. He continues to amazes us everyday, and we are trying to share those triumphs with you all as much as possible. We are always thankful for the prayers and support shown to him and our family. We wish everyone a healthy happy prosperous new year.




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