Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 1 Pre-op Mania


Things have finally slowed down a little. We arrived for our planned admission this morning at 8. We were pleasantly surprised to learn the unit Elias has to be on because of the vent was upgraded and moved. It is very nice. The environment ambience really helps.

All the various disciplines have been in and out consulting. So far the coordination is superb. Everyone seems to have a respect for the other discipline specialty issues. While priorities are what they are there are several across varied specialties that are vying for the top spot. Hopefully all will continue this way.

Today and tomorrow are basically prep for the surgery. Elias is only receiving fluids and no nutrition now. They are cleaning the bowel with Go-lightly which is opposite what its name implies. He is pushing out tons every 20-30 min. They are also running several pre op antibiotics through IV.

Overall Elias doing well. He is at the age where he is understanding what is going on. He has had a few sad moments but in general handling this in typical trooper form.

We will keep everyone updated on his progress and doings. We appreciate all the love and support your thoughts prayers and comments bring. This surgery is a very big deal and the outcome will impact and dictate his care for the future on several fronts.

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