Tuesday, September 11, 2012



So we finally got in to see Elias around 6. He was already ripping the vent off and trying to turn, stand, climb and otherwise do anything he probably shouldn't do. Se of that was pain induced and some typical Elias! The pain team has quite a bit going on for him to attempt to make him calm down and be comfortable. It just isn't working.

Elias looks good for the amount and length of surgery. The surgical sites ( yea plural) look good just not something you want to see on photo. He has 3 drainage tubes and a 4th tube in him at the moment. We are under the impression he will come home with these for 4-6 weeks which is after the 3 weeks we stay here. The problem is HE HATES THEM! Not sure how we are going to manage to keep these that long.

Other than the pain and agitation we think Elias looks better than we expected. The PICU team is going to be challenged Tonight.

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