Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weight Gain

This morning we are off for our meeting with the state medical assistance team to get the first step for approval towards the rare and expensive medical program.  Hopefully, we will get an idea on a time frame to get officially approved. Elias was in good spirits when we got there yesterday afternoon. He was watching television! They put in a children's video for him to keep him stimulated. He was very focused on watching it, until he saw us walking in the room. He gave us a big smile and we knew he was happy to see us. After that he had no interest in the TV, only in being held :D

The calorie increase seems to be working as Elias now weighs in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. To us that seems amazing considering how much he weighed at birth, but the doctors, while pleased with the progress in the last week, are still expecting a little more. We will update again later this afternoon on how things went with the state.

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