Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today, We Are Thankful For -


  • Our wonderful marriage and the love that has helped us endure this year and will continue to see us through the rough times ahead.
  • Our son Elias, who makes us so proud for his strength and courage
  • Elias' smile that melts away all the tension, worries and issues every time. At that moment nothing else matters!
  • The strength we have managed to uphold and our ability rise to the occasion through each adversity.
  • Our friends & family that have supported us and loved us through this year.
  • Everyone that reads this blog and all the wonderful words you leave us. We hope one day our experiences might help another family as they struggle for understanding and promise.
  • The wonderful medical professionals that saved Elias' life and continue to make his life better.
  • The researchers that are making great advances towards a cure for Fanconi Anemia.
  • The memories of those family and friends that have passed away. We know that they all are watching over Elias and guiding him.


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