Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back In The Hospital

Just got home from the Emergency Room to take care of our dog Rusty. They are admitting Elias again. We had to take him in around 630p because he was a deep sunburn red color from head to toe with respiratory distress. We thought it might be an allergic reaction to either the new medicine he started today or the new formula that began overnight. They are not 100% certain what the issue is exactly, but his white blood cell count was extremely high, signifying an infection of some sort. They have run all the normal cultures and labs so now we are just waiting and observing. Elias has also not had any stool in his ostomy bag for over 12 hours now, which is an obvious red flag. They did an x-ray to see if there is any signs of a blockage. They are also very concerned that he may have aspirated. Tonight they are keeping him on pedialyte to hydrate and await the lab results to evaluate in the morning. Hopefully, this hospital stay will only be a few days. I will update everyone as soon as we hear anything.

Also please keep Elias great grandpa in your prayers, he too is in the hospital down in Florida. Just not a good weekend for the family. Here is to a speedy recovery for both.

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