Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next Surgery

Elias has had some increase in secretions pooling in his esophagus and as a result it is making it into his mouth and he his drooling more. Last week his surgeon originally scheduled his next esophageal dilatation for April first, but when we reported the drooling and increase secretions in the mouth he moved that date up a few weeks to next Wednesday, March 18th. Elias is overdue for this surgery again as the last one was just prior to Thanksgiving. We will have gone 16 weeks at that point without one. This is by far the longest we have gone between with the next closest being 12 weeks. Potentially a positive, but as his surgeon put it, we probably pushed the threshold a little more than we should have. It was out of necessity waiting this time rather than wanting to, mainly due to the hospitalization and the Nissen surgery. While he is under anesthesia they are also going to do another bronchoscopy to take a look at his trachea and airway. This should be exciting to hear how things have progressed since the tracheostomy was done last July. They might even be able to start the discussion on Decannulation if things look as they hope. We will not expect that, but hope for the best.

Elias is starting to get a spot on his top gum that looks like a tooth might be getting ready to break through. He is very fussy and wakes up at random intervals crying. He seems to be having the expected miserable growing pains of the tooth cutting. So we have been managing that and trying to keep his mind occupied to help him forget about the pain. He has really taking a liking to standing on his feet, with our help of course. He still can not sit on his own, but his trunk control is getting better everyday. He is still doing the belly flips and what sort of looks like an honest attempt at crawling, but it is difficult to tell for certain. Maybe we are willing it to be that in our mind. Elias, as of yesterday, weighs a whopping 13.2 lbs. Overall we are pleased with the progress he makes everyday overcoming the challenges he faces.

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