Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spine Specialist

We got home from the doctor visits a little earlier than expected so I have time for a quick update before I begin my marathon interview sessions with several nurses today. We had this appointment with the spine specialist mainly due to the VACTERL diagnosis we had been working with until the genetic testing confirmation of Fanconi Anemia was revealed. FA generally does not have any known spinal issues like VACTERL, but it was recommended that we keep the appointment anyway to be safe. As expected the doctor was very happy with the way Elias spine looked and felt. He loved the way he was pulling himself up and straightening. These are all positives in the development. He was pleased to say that he would not need to see us any further, unless things changed and we felt it necessary. So that was great to hear, even though it was expected, just the confirmation makes it easier to accept without concern. Hurray!!!

Tomorrow morning Elias goes in for another esophageal dilatation. It is scheduled as outpatient, but any time anesthesia is involved with him, they always are on stand-by to admit him. Please pray that it does not come to that and he will return home tomorrow night with us. They are also going to do the bronchoscopy while they have him in the OR. We are anxious to hear what they have to say about the trachea and the granulation tissue. Hopefully, that will be more good news. We will try and post mobile and twitter updates to keep everyone informed of how Elias is doing through out the day tomorrow. Happy thoughts & prayers will be appreciated, as always!

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