Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Surgery Update

Elias is in recovery now and has been for about 2 hours so far. They hope to send him home, but at present he is requiring 100% oxygen. We are hoping they can start weaning him down this hour. We really do not want to have to stay in the hospital. We will keep you posted on how that is progressing.

His surgeon had same positive things to report. The stricture in the esophagus was not as tight as he expected it to be. He also said that the area where the granulation tissue was is now gone! That is awesome news. He did still see a floppy area in the trachea which is the Tracheomalacia, so that issue still exists, but like we said there is significant improvement with the granulation tissue disappearing. 

As I am updating  they just came in to wean the oxygen down from 100% to 40% we will keep our fingers crossed and hope his oxygen saturation levels (SPO2) do not drop. They did drop to a range of 91-95% so they just pushed him back to 100%, but lowered the pressure or liters per minute he is getting and that seems to be better as he is ranging 98-100% SPO2. This was will take longer to wean, but is possible. Happy thoughts and prayers that Elias will come home today. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Hello There,
    my name is Charisse and I have FA too. I am 30 years old, married and have a son who is 6 and his name is Isaac. I have quite serious bone marrow issues to do with MDS but by God's grace and still plowing through with manageable counts. I only just discovered your blog through reading Dianna's blog. I love following any adults or children who have FA. Elias sounds like an incredibly sweet boy and you guys have already been through so much.
    Know that I am thinking about you and praying.
    Love Charisse


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