Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally Some Positive Progress

So after all the run around that we went through with the hearing test it appears that we finally have a victory, of sorts. The audiologist have finally agreed to going forward with the ABR testing during Elias next surgery. We simply awaiting an official date from the surgeons, which we asked them to make a decision this week. We also interviewed a nurse that actually seems to be intelligent! She hopefully will start this week and live up to the image she has portrayed. Finally, today we received a phone call from the state office of hearings. The state attorney has requested a postponement of the hearing because their witness is not available and they can not proceed without this person. They were calling to inform us and asked if we had any objection, which of course has to be submitted in writing. At first we were a little put off by this. Katharine had to request leave time to have the day off so one of us could be at the hearing while the other took care of Elias. My original thought was something the state has constantly used against us, “It is not about what is best for you, it is about what is best for the patient.” However, since the postponement would not be rescheduled until sometime near the end of June we decided to accept for reasons we can not at this time discuss. If things work out as we suspect, this will actually work out in our favor.

Tomorrow is a busy day for Elias. We have a Hematology appointment in the morning for his semi-annual FA blood count check. We do not expect there to be anything news worthy from this other than everything looks fine, but there is always that chance. Then shortly after that we are meeting again with the hearing teacher and speech pathologist to begin services to teach us things to do with Elias based on the worse case scenario that he is profoundly deaf. For the most part things have started to fall into place with things we have been battling the last several months. It feels good to have a positive victory for a change rather than a discouraging result. Here is to this becoming a trend rather than an exception.

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  1. I hope things continue on an upward slant. Hugs.


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