Saturday, April 18, 2009

To: Mommy From: Elias Happy Birthday

Dear Mommy,

On the day God decided it was time for me to be born, he asked me to look down from the heavens to choose my Mommy. I knew when I saw you that you were the one that would take care of me and love me, despite all my issues. God smiled at me and said that you were a wise choice. He was certainly right. The way you care for me and play with me encourages me to do more. I love doing new things that make you smile and feel proud of what I do. I know sometimes you feel like you should do more. You want to take away my pain and suffering, but it's okay, you know I'm a tough little guy.  Not every Mommy can do the things you do. You are special, just like me and you do everything just right. You know that I love you for the smile on my face says so. For your first birthday, with me in your arms, I'd like to say I'm glad I picked you to be my Mommy. Happy Birthday!




  1. Oh my goodness. You have got to be the most patient, most calm person I have ever met. My heart is just pounding reading all the things you have had to endure. I didn't read far enough to see what kind of hearing/ear issues you have with Elias but our son Wesley was born with FA and didn't have ear canals. So we assumed he wouldn't be able to hear. We ended up with a bone conduction hearing aid that he wears in a Nike headband that he had at three months old. We were also lucky enough to have a deaf/hh school near us that he had been to since a few months old. He also had speech/PT/OT starting at a few months old. You are right, early intervention is so important. I am sorry you feel like you've missed months of therapy. That must be so frustrating. I can't imagine. Especially with all the other issues you are facing, like poop on the ceiling... ;0) Well, it turned out Wesley hears great which we didn't know would happen in the beginning so we started with sign language. He is now in Kindergarten and doing great and no longer needing any therapies. So I guess the point is, hang in there and hopefully they can get you in for that ABR soon. Hugs.



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