Saturday, April 18, 2009

Umm, What are you doing here?

Just a quick humorous (after the fact) story to share this morning. The poop on the roof nurse showed up last night to work her shift from which she was dismissed. Beside the fact that when she knocked at the door she was 20 minutes late anyway, we were in the middle of report with his new nurse. I opened the door and asked why she was here. She looked at me and said I'm here to work. I told her we did not need her and to go home. She did not understand and asked why. So I told her what we found after she left last Saturday morning. She still did not get it. I told her she needed to go and talk with the agency. I later found out  that they had been unable to reach her, but had left several messages at home and her other work number. Thanks for giving me a heads up there folks. It was a very awkward situation and she did not seem to think that what she did was wrong. She obviously has some issues of some sort that inhibit her ability to comprehend certain concepts.

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