Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day For Each Other

Elias, Katharine and I had a quiet day together yesterday. It was a day to simply hold each other, play with Elias and be thankful for the smiles and laughter he is able to share. It was a nice day for all three of us. There was plenty that should have been done around the house, but in light of this rough week for our FAmily, we decided that our time together was much more important. His night prior was reported as being rough. He was not sleeping comfortably, tossing and turning plus his nurse reported him having a fever again….ugh! Thankfully, what ever he was exhibiting symptomatically was gone by morning and the rest of his day was free of anymore issue. That was a relief because his trach has developed an odor over the last few days, which sometimes is an indicator for infection in the trachea. Since that was the only symptom showing we were simply watching closely. So obviously when the fever was reported it was cause for concern. We changed the trach tube in the afternoon and the scent has diminished somewhat, but is still there. We will just continue and monitor, but do not think it is going to materialize into anything.

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