Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FA update - Stacy

I just received an update this morning informing us that Stacy will be removed from his medical machines keeping him alive tonight at 7pm EDT. This surely was the most difficult decision anyone could ever have to face. Included in the update was a touching story of Stacy’s mom holding his cheek telling him they loved him and told him it was okay to go to Jesus. She then asked him for a sign to she would know that is what he wanted, and a tear streamed down Stacy’s cheek. They decided tonight would be the night they let him go. I applaud them for their courage and hope that they can somehow soon find a little comfort in there time of sorrow. While Katharine and I have experienced several moments of critical concern for Elias, not knowing if he would make it, we can not even fathom remotely what this family is having to endure. Our thoughts and sympathies are with them.

We would like to request at 7pm this evening everyone say a special prayer for Stacy and his family as well as ALL the children suffering from diseases which may take them from their loved ones, sooner than expected. Thank you!

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