Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

Obviously, the last few weeks has had us reflecting back on what was transpiring this time last year. It is actually comforting to see the difference a year has made and truly emphasizes how incredible Elias’ spirit, strength, and resilience has been. We have learned much from him the last 12 months and we expect that will only continue to hold true. We would like to focus a little this year on some of the “Then vs. Now” comparing key junctures and pivotal moments in Elias’ journey, as well as our own. While we know his fight is really just beginning, reflecting on where he is now and where he came from gives us encouragement that he will rise to the challenges that remain. We have found it quite inspirational and further induces our immense pride for all he has conquered thus far. We begin today with Mother’s Day. Elias was merely 11 days old and already been through several surgeries, including the first that saved his life. Six hours of surgery his second day of life to repair the Tracheoesophageal Fistula and the colostomy.  On Mother’s Day last year, Elias was on the ventilator with very little in the way of a timeline on when he might get to come home or even when we may get to hold him for the first time.

My My, the difference a year makes! This Mother’s Day is extra special for Katharine. Last year she could only watch him as he laid there fighting for his life. Not being able to hold him was surely a disappointment, but a sacrifice worth having him survive. So this year Elias makes it up to her with tons of smiles, hugs, and kisses. The best Mother’s Day gift a Mommy could receive. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. Hello Elias and family,

    I found your site via Disboards a while back and have been silently following and praying since.

    I wanted to refer you to our site, Asher and Jacob's Friends. We are a group offering prayer support to families in need. There are so many wonderful people on our site who continually pray for all the families listed. If you are interested in registering, I will include the link below.

    Please know I will continue to keep your amazing family in my prayers.

    For Prayer Support:


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