Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watching Closely

Elias woke up this morning with looking a bit flushed with rosy red cheeks. We took his temperature and he has a slightly elevated fever, nothing too alarming 98.3, but for Elias and taking auxiliary temps (under armpit) which usually register slightly lower. He rarely ever has a true temperature. He was up for a few hours this morning as the state school of the deaf representative was out introducing us to the services they provide at different levels. It truly is amazing how much is available with these schools, it is comforting to know. They will be sending out a teacher in the next few weeks to do an assessment for language and cognitive skills. Once the ABR (hearing test) is complete we can determine what path we should follow. That will be done on June 8 along with several surgeries. After the visit was complete, Elias was getting tired and fighting sleep (as usual). He is not as hot to the touch, which is a good sign, but he is not enjoying his normal happy activities. At the same time other than that he doesn’t seem to be acting as though he feels bad. We will just watch him today, see if things improve and if not, visit the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully and more than likely it is nothing, but better safe than sorry. He did sleep an extraordinary amount of time yesterday and the night before so that is why we are raising the alertness level.

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