Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

This Saturday I drove to visit my friend graduate with his master’s degree. It was a much needed time away that Katharine had to push me to take. I was a little uneasy leaving Elias since he was still a little on the iffy side, and we just did not know what was going on. When I returned early Sunday afternoon Elias had improved greatly. He was back to his old routine and activity. That was a relief to know that it was not something more than a little viral illness that did not manifest into something larger.

This morning his humidity compressor just suddenly died. I actually thought the power had gone out, until I looked at a clock and realized it was still going. It was very hot and probably just burned out. It does run almost constantly since Elias is still working to tolerate the trach vents. Before napping this morning, Elias was quite enjoying the freedom of being without the big blue tubing. The G-tube is much easier to get around with than the humidity tubing. He was flipping and rolling all over the crib. I think he was having too much fun it took him an extra 2 hours to get to sleep. I’m glad he had a good time though, he deserves it. We have since received a new one, within about 3 hours of calling, so I’m pleased with that. I am sure if Elias could speak his mind he would not be as happy as I am.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns the last few days. It is never fun when Elias is not at his best and the heightened sense of awareness that is needed. As always he was a trooper and pulled through. May he continue to do so.

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