Monday, June 29, 2009

Do not even know where to begin

362265_1 Amazing, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, incredible, HUGE, did I mention amazing already? We do not even know where to begin to explain how overwhelming, in a very positive way,this weekend was. The house is amazing! It is all very surreal and we have not really had the opportunity for the full effect  to sink in yet. We will work on that! Second, the incredible folks that drove with us out here, the wonderful people in Maryland (both local & out of towners) that helped load and clean and finally all the energetic folks here that had the truck unloaded lightening fast. You guys really made this happen with such energy and enthusiasm. Also a huge thank you to our incredible new neighbors for helping us unload the moving truck in about 2-3 hours. There are so many thank you’s to offer up for the last few weeks there are too many to list. Just know that we are eternally grateful and amazed by everyone’s showing of love, support, blood, sweat, & tears. It is completely beyond comprehension to explain our gratitude in a way anyone can understand. It is simply wonderful.

We have been very busy and we know everyone has been anxiously wondering how things went. We had more glitches on the drive with the truck. The transmission kept overheating occasionally causing the truck to cut out, a safety measure possibly? Regardless, it was annoying and really slowed the drive down. The eight hour trip ended up taking us nearly twelve because of the problems. Elias & Katharine left and hour after us and beat us here. Elias tolerated the trip rather well and it was only near the end that he began to display the “alright, I’m done with this car seat” attitude. Friday night was a little rough for him with secretions. He has improved each day with today him being adjusted enough to start doing some of his old tricks :) Today the respiratory therapist for the new home company will be out to set-up service and we have our first appointment at the FA Clinic next week.

We have been very busy unpacking and things are coming along nicely. It is going to take some time to finish it all, but we have the important stuff un packed and put away. We are still trying to determine exactly what to do with some rooms and that has been kind of fun! The photo at the top is the front of the house. Katharine almost broke into tears when she saw it! It is absolutely wonderful. We are still expecting to wake up from a dream. The last year has been so difficult, busy, & intense that we have been reminded what life is like again. We were very stifled in Maryland without much there except each other. Having only been here a few days it feels so different, in a good way. The house is bright and HUGE and has obviously impacted our spirits in a positive way. While this move was for Elias it has reached beyond that and become something much more. We are here for a reason and everyday that reason becomes more and more clear to us. God has placed us in a situation that will not only help Elias with the FA clinic, but also our life as a family. We feel an incredible difference already. We will work on getting some photos of the inside of the house soon. Right now we are using the 3G internet on our phones to access online until we get set-up so the speed is not great for loading photos. We promise to do so though as soon as we can.

Thank you all again everyone that helped us in so many ways. Family, friends, and strangers pulled off an amazing feat. The tears swell up when we think of all the individual acts of kindness extended to us because of a very special little boy, Elias. Many of those from people we had never met before and that is truly touching. There is so much we could say about the last few days, so many people to express our most gracious thank you to and we think you all understand how amazing this was to have happened. We have plenty of room here and we hope that many of our family and friends will be able to come and visit us. We are excited to see how things progress with Elias here and have a good feeling inside that things are going in the right direction. Back to more unpacking, and we will update you again soon.


  1. Beautiful home! Where did you move to? Cincy is a wonderful hospital!
    Glad the move went as smoothly as it did! Congrats!

    Blessings and Bear Hugs,

  2. So happy for you all. You get all this goodwill because you are good people, and Elias is cute. It takes a village, etc. Congratulations!

  3. Love the new home! I am so glad you are where you need to be. I hope that things are going smoothly! I bet Elias is one happy little guy.


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