Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adjusting & Unpacking

tree of light We are still unpacking and expect to be doing so for a little while. We have the important items taken care of and put away. Next will be going through the other “stuff” and getting rid of and preparing for a yard sale. There are still a few pieces of furniture to place where we want them and we are working on figuring that all out. The place is so big with so many opportunities and because we had only seen photos it was hard to plan at all. So we have been a bit overwhelmed (again in a good way) with figuring it all out. We are also establishing a routine here with Elias. He is adjusting wonderfully. He loves spending time in his playpen rolling around and playing with toys, until Mommy or Daddy leave his sight. We have found if we place it in the room we are unpacking he will be content to doing his own thing for a awhile, something he did not do much of in our old place.

We have some photos of Elias in the new house and playing with family. We are also working on photos of the inside of this beautiful home. We only have internet via the phone right now, which is slow, so until our regular internet is up and running (hoping in the next few days) we will be waiting to get those posted.

Overall, things are going well. We are exhausted trying to care for Elias around the clock until we get nursing, unpacking, and getting acquainted with things. Even with all of that things feel so different already.

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