Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loading up

Our Rig

Image by jacob.scheckman via Flickr

Today is the loading day. One more day until we are on the road to our new home. There is plenty to do still, but we have 99% packed and ready. We have several people from out of town helping and some local folks too. The weather should be nice, upper 80’s and partly cloudy. I’m not really sure what to expect today. We have heard a few things from different people and if they are accurate then we should have quite an experience to share, all good of course. THe last few days people have come out of the woodwork so to speak and contacted us with offers of help. It has been amazing and more appreciated than we could ever express in words. Today will be very busy and once the packing is done so begins the deep cleaning.

Our final packing day yesterday was a bit of a challenge, shuffling the Elias duties. We did not quite get everything completed that we wanted to, but we were up until 1 am. We had to get some sleep to be ready for the next few days. We also have found a solution to our water problem at the new home, so that fire has been extinguished, or so we hope. I am about to go get the truck shortly after I finish up a few little odds and ends. Wish us luck today and pray for safe journeys for all those who are traveling to help us. I will attempt to update again tonight to let you know how things went.

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