Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preparing The Launch Pad

Donald Duck Potrait

Image by Cartwright80 via Flickr

The last few days have been super busy, as will the next several as we make the final preparations for our move. Elias has been in wonderful and playful spirits. Since one of us has to be with him at all times due to the trach anyway he hasn’t really noticed much difference in his routine and I’m sure that has helped him. He is enjoying having both Mommy & Daddy around though.

Father’s Day was nice, nothing too over the top because there was much work to be done. Elias and Daddy spent several times throughout the day just hanging out, playing and watching The Wubbulous World Dr. Seuss, particularly his favorite Yurtle the Turtle. It was nice to simply have him feeling well and in good spirits. He has come such a log way since the beginning of the year. He is much more stable.

The packing is progressing and we are pleased with our progress considering our constraints. It is not the most beautiful packing job, but we have worked smart, hard and fast in order to make our deadline. We got all the services transferred and set up in our new home yesterday, with the exception of the water. Apparently, because we have never had service with them prior to this we must submit our application in person with social security card and drivers licenses along with our deposit. The issue is we will not get there until late Friday afternoon cutting it close as to if we would make it the office by the time they close. This would leave us without water until next Monday, which with Elias is not an option, let alone the sanitary issues. I tried to explain the scenario and situation, but the woman was not interested and just kept repeating “you must come in sir.” Part of yesterday was devoted to trying to come up with a solution, which we hopefully have come up with. It is simply amazing though, I could get every other utility set up over the phone or even the internet with out even speaking to someone, but something as simple as the water requires a physical presence and two proofs of identity? Ah the inconsistencies. Finally, we are waiting on a phone call from the FA clinic in the next day or so to have our appointment dates. We are looking forward to beginning this process and meeting all the wonderful people that are associated with the clinic. Not sure if we will have much opportunity to update much the next few days, we will certainly try though.

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