Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Bone Marrow Test Results

Just a quick update this afternoon. We received a phone call from the local hematologist with the first of three different test results from Elias’ bone marrow biopsy. They informed us that there was no malignancy showing. Also no signs of leukemia and all the cells were looking well. This is positive news. Elias will undergo this every year until his bone marrow transplant and while we will hope he never needs it the reality is the odds are not in his favor. As we always try to do is relish the moments we have and we celebrate Elias’ healthy marrow today. We should get the results from the other two marrow tests in about 2 weeks.

As for the little man himself, he is doing much better. Still in a bit of discomfort, but Tylenol is managing that rather than the Roxicet. This made us happy. We were finally able to dress Elias today and while that didn’t make him too happy he quickly forgave mommy with cuddle time. Elias is beginning to return to his funny and playful spirit and we expect that to get better each day. Thank you all so much for the prayers and thoughts.

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