Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elias’ Weekend

We have weaned Elias to Tylenol only and have only had to give it a few times in the last 36 hours. So the discomfort seems to be subsiding. He will still have the catheter stint in the groin area until next Friday, so the issues will be intermittent until then. Nana & Papa, Elias great-grandparents from Florida were up again to visit. Elias was in a wonderfully cheerful mood, smiling and laughing. We are glad they got to catch Elias on a good day. The last time they visited was the day before Elias’ 5 week hospitalization at the beginning of this year and he was very sick. While the visit was brief it was quality time and Elias certainly enjoyed their presence. Not much else to update everyone on. We are busy packing, planning and finalizing the move as well as taking care of Elias. We still are in need of assistance in many ways to pull this move off. If you are interested in helping please email us or call. Thank you all so much.

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