Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still No ABR Diagnostic?

We were hoping to have the report from the ABR this past week so that the audiologist with the school of the deaf or Infant & Toddlers could go over the results and make recommendations for amplification. It has been 12 days now and without this we can do nothing, because that report holds the official diagnosis needed to match and justify proper services. Both of the audiologist mentioned as well as our contact with the state hearing commission have been making attempts to contact the audiologist that conducted the test. There have been no return phone calls or emails for four days now. We have also left our own with no response. We had to fight so hard just to get the testing complete and now we are having to fight again to get the diagnostic report. This is getting absolutely ridiculous the way we have to scratch and claw to get anything in regard to Elias care. Even the things that are suppose to be automatic! It becomes very old having to prepare for battle over the simplest things. We have lost valuable time in terms of intervention and there is documented evidence that going without early intervention leads to further developmental delays.

"....The early years are a critical time for learning language. Getting help for your child as early as possible maximizes his or her window of opportunity to learn language. Research has shown that children who begin receiving appropriate help before 6 months of age are more likely to learn language at a pace comparable to that of children whose hearing is normal. So take advantage of the service systems that exist to help your child and you."

(taken from the US Department of Education material entitled "Opening Doors: Technology & Communication Options for Children With Hearing Loss)

That last line, “So take advantage of the service systems that exist to help your child and you," is what we have been trying to do this whole time, but have been met with resistance and passing off of responsibility for the last 8 months. Why is that? We, like any other parent, only want Elias to have every advantage he can receive. We do not want to make things more difficult for him because service providers do not think it is important, he has enough challenges. He is bright enough and adaptable enough to overcome and learn, but why would you want to make it more difficult for any child, regardless of health issues, mental or physical abilities. While we agree overcoming adversity gives you strength, if that adversity is avoidable why tempt that fate.


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