Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IFSP Meeting

Yesterday we had our Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) six month review. This is where we meet with all of Elias’ Infant & Toddler providers (PT/OT/Hearing/etc.) to evaluate and set goals and priorities for developmental progress. Of course with the move happening in just eight days the meeting was more about providing a structure for the new team, as the IFSP follows you where ever you go. Elias was able to attain and exceed all his first six month goals. That in itself is amazing because he had spent so much time in the hospital during this period. All of his therapist were very sad to see him go, but understood the need for taking him to the new hospital. His physical therapist has grown quite attached to Elias and she shed a few tears when it was time to leave. It was very touching to see them becoming so fond of Elias. They all expressed their amazement with Elias’ accomplishments, determination, and wonderful spirit. They also took a few moments to praise the job we have done with him, especially without any help since there is really no local family. This made us feel proud and it is always nice to have some affirmation that your love and dedication to your child reflects in a positive way. The next six months has us particularly focused on Elias’ core strength and the hearing amplification process. We are hoping to meet with either the audiologist from the school of the deaf or the public schools to sit down with us before we leave to explain in detail the results of the ABR and what our options are. Of course, they are prepared to do this as early as today, but we are waiting on the report from the hospital audiologist to be written and produced. It has been eight days since the ABR was performed so we are having difficulty understanding what the hold up is. Myself, both the mentioned audiologist, and a representative from the state hearing commission have all placed calls to inquire when we can expect a report. No one has heard any word yet, of course. Another example of having to fight and pull teeth for everything. Considering they place such a high value on early intervention with hearing issues, coupled with the fact it has taken us seven months to obtain the ABR (we’ve been trying since October) it is a bit ludicrous that we are waiting on a single report, that probably takes 20 minutes to put together. Sorry, just a little frustrated on this point. If we are unable to obtain the report today it is likely that we will have to wait until we begin services in our new home before any of this can continue. While that will be a top priority it does take time to begin new services, particularly in the summer since they work on the school systems schedules and reduced staff during the summer months. We will keep you posted on the outcome with the report.

Other than that, Elias continues to do well. He has not had any Tylenol for several days for pain/discomfort, which is great. He is basically back to his normal playing schedule. Elias recently has discovered that he can turn pages himself (with a little help) with his books. He loves doing this! He is learning quickly to different ways to achieve this as well. It is fun to watch him especially when he gets excited at the new pictures on the turned page. I am attempting to get some video of this, but Elias is way too keen and always stops whenever I have the camera out. I think I will have more success once he is able to sit on his own and play, which hopefully will be soon. He is close and the strength is getting there!

The last ten days we have been steadily packing. Mommy has been working an abbreviated work schedule to accommodate getting packed in time. It is a slower process because only one of us can work at a time while the other cares for Elias. We have done very well so far on our own. We just have 1/2 the kitchen, our bedroom, 1/2 Elias room and the stuff we are using the next week left to pack. We are glad we were able to get a jump on the project and with a week remaining we should be in good shape. There is still a ton of other things to take care of as well though, so the next eight days should be very busy and exhausting.

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