Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the much anticipated surgery day. This is the day we finally get the Auditory brainstem response test. A test for hearing and brain (neurological) functioning. This should give us definitive results on Elias hearing ability. This will also be a very busy day for Elias as three other surgical procedures are being done as well. The second stage of his hypospadias repair, an esophageal dilatation and his first yearly bone marrow biopsy.  The surgery time combined can be anywhere from 4-6 hours, so it will be a long wait. We suspect that as each part is completed we will hear from the respective surgeon or doctor on how their part went, so that should provide us with random intervals of updates throughout the surgery.  We will update as we know via Twitter and Facebook. Elias’ twitter displays to the left, but there is a follow me link in that section as well if you have a twitter account. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts and prayers on yet another safe surgery.

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