Monday, June 8, 2009

Surgery Update Part 1

The alarm went off at 4:00 am, much earlier than anyone wanted to be up including Elias. He was not too cranky about though, more confused. Elias very much understands the difference between day and night. Of course at this time of the morning the sun is still not up which is why Elias was confused. He sat there blowing very quiet raspberries. When we arrived at the surgical center Elias was in pretty good spirits until we started the undressing and weighing process. It was quickly downhill from there. With such a busy day and a different doctor for each portion it was our typical three-ringed circus with people coming and going, chatting with who ever was not already involved,  evaluating Elias etc. This was not helping the cranky mood at all. Finally, they gave him some verset, or happy juice as they call it in the PACU. Within minutes Elias was calm and obviously feeling very good. In the past when he gets this he simply would fall asleep. Today however we were given a treat. He was giggling and smiling at everything. It was very cute to witness and reminded us that he is indeed becoming a big boy. We gave him kisses and watched  as they carted him off to the operating room.

I am writing this update while we wait. It is looking as though Elias will not be in surgery quite as long as we thought. We just got an update that the audiologist will be coming to speak to us about the results shortly. This is positive because that means they were able to complete the ABR test while his other component surgeries were going on. I am a bit nervous to hear what they have to say. Not that it truly matters or changes anything, but it is another diagnosis to absorb. As we wait for the audiologist the feeling is a bit anxious and nervous because we have waited over a year to know for sure. We have our own thoughts, but are ready to take the next step which can now be defined with a firm diagnosis. I just hope it does not come back as inconclusive. That would be a tough blow. I will continue to update via twitter/facebook through the day and periodic blog post as time permits.

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  1. Sending prayers and good thoughts for a successful surgery and a restful night ahead.


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