Monday, August 17, 2009

Elias Day

Elias was feeling pretty good today. He did have some down periods but was pretty happy for most of the day. He enjoyed the rides he got in his bed. The first of course was the upper GI, which he did not enjoy. He was in quite a bad mood during the procedure. The second ride was to transfer to another unit. He was a little more accepting of the new surroundings although he was not happy about the vital signs they had to get. He got over that quickly though. As the night came on he became a bit more active and playful. It was good to see the smile on his face again. His cousins here drew Elias some get well pictures that are hanging on the end of his hospital bed. He was really paying them special attention today. He kept moving around and craning his neck to look at them all through the day. I think he enjoyed having them there to look at! A special thank you to the girls for thinking of their little cousin and making something for him. The NJ tube is what is really giving Elias the most issue at the moment. He keeps gagging on it then coughing and that of course leads to suctioning and then him tiring out quickly. We have caught him a few times trying to reach his whole hand inside his mouth in what appears like he is reaching in to pull whatever is in the back of his throat out. He also began using his “triangle” to try and achieve the same thing. He is one smart cookie let me tell you. We love that boy to death and admire how hard he tries to be happy even when he isn’t feeling his best. As tough as the long days are and despite the crankiness Elias has a way of making you smile throughout the day and that is the greatest feeling in the world! Here is to hoping he gets home again soon!

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