Monday, August 17, 2009

Stump the Surgeons?

We did the upper GI study this morning around 11:30. We were under the impression that after that someone from surgery would be by to speak with us about what they saw and a potential plan. We were also expecting ENT and Pulmonology to weigh in on the trach issue we discovered via scope on Friday night. None of that happened and no one seems to know why.  We are not being critical here but we have literally been sitting here in this hospital for 5 days and are really no closer to an answer than we were on Wednesday. At least one that can be communicated. It appears that Elias may have stumped the surgeons. It may be that they transferred us to a different unit and they got lost finding us. When the nurse tonight asked the GI resident for information the response was simply if someone from surgery hasn’t been by yet then it will be sometime tomorrow, probably in the morning. I guess my only other question would be did the surgeons not speak to the GI doctors that are currently the lead service? Not complaining, just really ready to move forward. I am certain it is more complex a problem than it appears to us but sitting here and waiting when we are told someone will speak to us and then it just not happening is getting a touch old. Maybe it is just the crankiness that sets in after sitting in a hospital for 15 plus hours a day worrying and watching. At least we are doing it at the best hospital for him! We will let you know if we hear anything tomorrow.

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