Monday, August 17, 2009

Plan for Today

I have spoken with several doctors this morning and it appears the plan is to get Elias in for an Upper GI study as soon as possible this morning. We are and have been at a stand still over the weekend and basically are unable to make any progress until this study is completed. There is still speculation on where the G-tube ultimately is and if it is a direct track in to the duodenum, in the stomach too low or in the stomach with the balloon pushing down into the duodenum. Different doctors have different opinions on what they are seeing with the studies done so far. The doctors that do not think it is in the duodenum believe this because that would mean Elias anatomy in that area is different than normal. Well, as Katharine said in her facebook status yesterday, “If your cardiac and pulmonary anatomy are different, is it that much of a stretch that you gastrointestinal anatomy is different?” The upper GI study should give the definitive look they need t make some solid decisions.

The ENT & Pulmonary teams are also waiting for that issue to be resolved so they can dive in and determine what needs to happen with the trach tube. Elias was taken off the small amount of oxygen he was receiving to help with the labored breathing. His heart rate is still much higher than normal and respiratory rate slightly elevated, but he is not pulling and working as hard to breathe.  We will update everyone as soon as we know the plan.

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