Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little less comfortable

Elias needed several doses of morphine early in the day to manage his pain. He is now on a regular interval of Tylenol. He is a lot more sore but the surgeons say that is common and no cause for concern.  He was much better in terms of comfort level by 7pm yesterday evening. Although he is not feeling great. There were no smiles not even for the Cat in the Hat. That is ok he is entitled to keep them to himself after something like this. He should be improve the next few days and back to his old ways very soon. They still have not started his feeds. Since it has been decided we will be there at least until Tuesday they are going with a conservative approach rather than the typical aggressive one. He is getting fluids through the central line. Tuesday he will have another bronchoscopy to check the airway and then home late that day or Wednesday. It all hinges on how well the repair in the trachea is healing. They also did the elusive CT-Angiogram today. We have been trying to get this since August 13th. We have not been able to discuss the findings with the doctors yet and it might be Tuesday before we are able to. We will keep that on the radar and share the info when we get it.

Overnight was touch and go in terms of comfort. He is very agitated and just can not seem to settle. We think that when Elias coughs to clear his secretions there is still irritation in the trachea that the Tylenol just is not going to control. They are planning on starting his feeds this morning at some point at a slow rate and gradually increase the flow. The surgeon yesterday, when he came in to look at Elias felt that we should be able to work towards bolus feeds after several weeks. With the new position of the G-tube we should not encounter too much issue with this. The likely scenario will probably be smaller bolus feeds during the day to get him use to it and continuous feedings overnight. That will be nice to finally achieve that. Otherwise the rest of the weekend is status quo working on the feeding tolerance and waiting for everything to heal. Aunt Kelly and Grandma O will be here today through the holiday weekend and it will provide a nice distraction from the typical hospital routine. Thank you for following us and for all your thoughts and prayers. We can not say enough how much we appreciate them.

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