Monday, September 7, 2009

Over The Weekend

Elias had a stable and improving weekend. We did have one slight issue where we suspected minor aspiration, but it appeared to be isolated and caused by overwhelming secretions and intense coughing pressure. We did dye the feeds to be certain and had nothing show up, thank God. He is still a touch sore and a little irritated in the trachea. That is evident whenever he coughs by the grimace on his face. I’m sure it is tender there and slower to heal/ He did have some periods of great play and visiting. Grandma O & Aunt Kelly were in town and he seemed very happy to see them whenever they were at the hospital. With the weekend upon us and the holiday today we are basically in a holding pattern until tomorrow when we do another scope in the O.R. and figure out what is next. That will hopefully be home. The new G-tube is working fine and the feeds are being tolerated. We are feeding him continuous at 40mL per hour. They are monitoring his weight to help determine what the feeds should ultimately be when we go home. I wish there was more progress to report, but at least what we do have is all positive.

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