Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Few Odds & Ends

Not a whole lot to update on today. Elias has gone to bed the past few nights between 8-830p. Last night he went to sleep for what I expected to be a nap at 6:30p. He stayed asleep for the most part until about 6:30a this morning. He was in good spirits both yesterday and today but going to sleep is quite out of character. He has been struggling again with the increased floppiness in the airway again. Not as bad as last weeks stretch, but still giving him obvious issue. Other than that not much else to report.

I suppose it does bear mentioning that this week is our appointment with the audiologist for the BAHA consult. While we do not exactly know what to expect from this appointment, sources tell us that there is a very likely chance that Elias will hear his first sounds that day. We are not going to get our hopes up for that one, but we will go prepared to capture that huge moment if the opportunity presents itself. That gives us something to potentially look forward to this week. We are unfortunately expecting another major winter storm tonight into Tuesday morning. We are expecting another 6-10 inches the forecasters say. We still have about 4-6 inches from the last storm. As we said at the top there was not too much to fill in. Thank you all for the continued support and prayers.

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