Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yes, More Snow!

Yesterday, we did get the 6-10 inches as forecasted. I think unofficially it was between 8-9 inches. Katharine still had to report to work though and got there Snow 2-15-10and home with out incident thankfully. However our nursing could not come in and again today was not able, but again our neighbor’s nanny seemed to find a way to get here today just like last weeks storm. Just throwing that in to illustrate the commitment or lack there of. Thankfully our neighbors noticed I was here alone since our nurse’s car wasn’t there and knew that meant I was taking care of Elias, so they offered to clean our driveway with their snow blower. Otherwise, it would have been after 7p and dark before I could begin shoveling and Katharine would have not had a place to park. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Fortunately, this snow day we did not have any appointments to worry about. For Elias it was another rough one with the secretion and floppy airway battle. We are becoming more and more convinced the weather indeed plays a factor in this somehow because we have had this weather pattern for almost 2 weeks now and that is how long it has been going on. We had a few day reprieve last week before cycling back to what we have now and he was improved but digressed with the change. He spit-up several times through the day with a huge one last night. This morning was another huge episode. He seems to feel a bit better after doing so each time it has happened. That last a few hours and it builds up again I suppose. We are suctioning frequently, much more than normal and monitoring him for any changes suggesting illness or infection, but we are not expecting to see that. This is one of those things he has right now that we all “just have to deal with” for now.

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