Monday, April 5, 2010

MRSA in Blood Confirmed

Elias does indeed have the MRSA infection in his blood. MRSA simply put is the "super bug" that is resistant to almost all types of antibiotics. Elias has had the blood infection once before, but not with a central line. He has also been colonized with MRSA since July of 2008. It is common for people that are in hospitals a lot to develop it, due to cross contamination between patients as staff go from patient to patient. If proper precautions are taken particularly in a known colonized instance then this shouldn't happen, but we witness on a daily basis while admitted and in clinic breaches of the precaution protocol mainly due to laziness. The reality is 90% of us are colonized with MRSA and do not know it. Colonized is basically being a carrier but not infected. On the positive side Elias has been feeling more like himself yesterday. He is getting the proper antibiotic and it seems to be helping. We are waiting for rounds this AM to try and get a picture of what is next. While the danger from the infection has not passes the signs Elias are showing are comforting. We are very concerned about losing the central line. We are hoping for more information on that potential today and what we will do if it is lost. Thank you for the continued prayers and thoughts. They told us yesterday it would likely be another week before we could go home :( We will update as news comes in. Sent via BlackBerry mobile

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