Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve

The major positive from today is that Elias continues to not have any fevers. We did not get any new updates on the cultures since the morning report, but that was expected. Tomorrow night will be the end of the growth period so it is not expected to know exactly what this is until then, but it might be possible in the morning. The FA team has Elias on the proper medications to protect him so the while the danger is not completely over it is significantly reduced. Poor Elias today was still not feeling the best, but bless his heart he was trying so hard to be his typical self. We managed a few smiles and laughs through the day, but it was painfully obvious he was miserable. With all the antibiotics, strong ones at that in his system his stool is pure liquid and we suspect his tummy is a little upset. This admission really emphasized how spoiled we got during the 4 months from November until his admission a few weeks ago. That was our longest stretch ever at home. Here is to hoping that this ends the cycle of unplanned admissions. We are very thankful to all of you that have given your thoughts and prayers. It is amazing how many people love & care about our little man. Please also remember our other FA families that are battling in your prayers.

Tomorrow we will sadly break a tradition we have had going since Katharine and I have been together. It began with us and her Mom visiting, watching “The Robe” & “Greatest Story Ever Told” and eating fresh seafood. Katharine and I have done this every year since. While we will be in the hospital this year with our baby we will always remember what Easter is all about! Our faith is what keeps us going and we believe people are placed to cross paths for a specific purpose. We have seen evidence of this particularly since Elias has been born. We are thankful for God’s sacrifice of his son and all that we have been able to become because of that. Despite all that is happening we will be counting our blessings and giving thanks for our little miracle, Elias! We hope you all have a wonderful Easter Holiday.

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