Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disappointing & Unacceptable Day

Well Elias is not home I am irritated to report. The events and reasons surrounding why are quite a sore subject. I will do my best not to rant. The long and short of it is the colorectal team was quite ready to release him, but there was a simple matter of Urology addressing medication needs for a current urinary tract infection that Elias had. This was actually something that was to be addressed yesterday, but for some reason urology chose not to after waiting 7 hours for an answer. Today was no different and included the urology doctor on call completely ignoring, blowing-off, whichever you want to call it, a page to address this need for discharge. Quite literally the doctor NEVER responded. It took quite a bit of pressing to even get the information today which was finally achieved about 3pm. Apparently there are two bugs and they need a strong antibiotic, so Zosin via IV is the only choice. We have been trained before to give IV meds at home, so that is not a problem. The problem is logistics and it being a weekend so there is really no medical reason for him to still be admitted. If the darn doctor would have answered this simple question yesterday then we would be home now instead. Even the discharge nurse said that this doctors actions were unacceptable and unjustified. I’m going to stop there I could elaborate on a few things, but I have done well keeping this calm and collected.

Elias himself is doing fair. The past 24 hours has brought about some pain for him in the form of painful bladder spasms from the Foley catheter he has in is penis to allow the fistula repair to heal by routing the urine through the catheter. They are now medicating him for that. This will be in a week and will be pulled. Diaper changes are a bit uncomfortable as well. We a putting bacatracin on his bottom to help it heal. It seems to sting a bit when applied. We also are having to use double diapers with one being a larger size for a month. This is to create padding to allow the site to heal and not be too tender to sit on. He has been unable to sit or stand the past 2 days which is driving him nuts. He keeps making a A frame head-stand trying to get into some position, but I think it must hurt for him to go in any other position. He did well with the pain the first day and while he still is managing it there is some frustration and moments of crying in obvious pain. We have NEVER seen him like this even through some of his roughest surgeries. He is a tough guy though and some of it is frustration from being limited at the moment. Hopefully when we get home he will get the sitting and standing back. He did not sleep at all last night and only slept a few hours today. He is so tired but apparently just can not get comfortable enough to sleep even with the pain meds. This should improve in a few days. Hopefully Elias will sleep tonight, poor little guy. We will keep you posted on the plan for home. Hopefully it will be a good Father’s Day and he will.

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