Sunday, June 20, 2010

“If we had known that”

So Urology had the audacity to come in this morning after 48 hours to finally come and speak with us. They of course say they knew nothing of us wanting to speak with them, but got quite a shock to learn that the culture the “grew the bugs” in question was taken via cotton balls in a diaper and squeezed the urine out with a syringe to extract urine. Yeah that is a very sterile and scientific way to get a urine culture. So with that information they are now saying that it is possible he may not even have a UTI, but will continue the IV antibiotics without bothering to reculture to find out. The Urologist had the nerve to say, “well if we had known that…” to which Katharine replied, “had you responded to a page or even just come to assess the patient we would have told you that!” There was no comment back from the doctors. Katharine also took the time to let them know that the only reason we were still here was because they chose not to respond in a proper fashion and would have been discharged yesterday had the actually done their jobs. All there was in response was an I’m sorry. We are tired of I’m sorry. When the nurses and staff of this hospital tell us they are NOT surprised because this happens all the time, (communication issues) then why is someone not doing something to address the situation? Now we are at the mercy of our home agency and their ability to pull off getting everything together.

Despite all the issues with communication and inability to provide answers I am thankful to have Elias with me on this father’s day. I have a great son who is amazing and makes me very proud everyday. For that I feel very blessed.

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