Thursday, August 12, 2010

“Send Us Your Photos!”

In our last update we were waiting and waiting for colorectal toLumps are bad Mmm'Kay! contact us about the lump on Elias colostomy stoma. We did finally hear from a nurse from that team who was of the opinion that it was probably nothing from our description, but we could send in photos of this lump for the doctors to review. We were told if they were impressed enough with what they saw they might have us come in sometime soon. So I suppose we had better put Ansel Adams to shame with my mad photography skills to ensure the doctors are impressed enough to get a consult!

So the photos have been sent, actually 5 of them and over two days as the lump changed a touch with a whitish spot appearing. We are still waiting to hear back to see if we win the prize (oh stop the sarcasm). This is my personal opinion take it or leave it, but here it is. I find it quite ridiculous that we are sending photos in for a chance to be seen. Is a photo really the best way to assess a patient? If it were I would think more doctors would be implementing this practice. Oddly enough, every medical professional we have had to share this with has given us quite a look of disbelief. I could understand if they were so madly booked that it could take weeks to get in but maybe a photo would increase the justification to squeeze him in, but it has nothing to do with that at all. Lumps are bad (Mmm’kay), not horrible most of the time but when you find one you generally are told to get it checked out and do not chance it being something worse that could have been in an early stage and more manageable. Just saying…..

The culture we sent came back positive for C-Diff AGAIN! So back on the vancamyacin we go for another few weeks. We can shed a positive light on this as this is the longest between post-treatment and flair-up we have gone since Elias became colonized with it, almost 6 weeks! It is usually 2 weeks. Finally, today we report on the most recent Aural Rehab Therapy session, which was a complete wash because Elias fell asleep right in the middle of it, hahahaha! I guess she was not keeping his attention very well. We will try again next week. We will keep you posted on the lump situation as we are hoping it maybe connected to the C-diff in some fashion and that is the extent of it.

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