Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Term “Planned” Admission Used Loosely

Well this day pretty much went as expected, a crazy chaotic mess. We were told to admit Elias this morning at 10 am for pre-surgical prep. It took until six this evening for any orders to be put in the system for the nurses to do anything, so we sat there and no one could do anything or tell us anything. Why were we there so early if they were not going to start anything or even put orders in? The sad part is we had spoken with the colorectal nurse coordinator just a few weeks ago and rehashed the insanity and unprofessionalism that surrounded our surgery by the same team in June. She assured us that would not happen this time. Well she was wrong. Sadly the events in June were so bad and unorganized that the patient advocates office became involved. They sent us a letter outlining their review of the situation and that they would take action to improve this area. They too were wrong. Anyway, enough about that and we hope it truly ends with just today being a cluster…..

Elias is in good spirits tonight despite going through hourly bowel cleansings since seven this evening. This consists of placing a Foley catheter in the colostomy stoma and flushing saline in and drawing it out once an hour until the return is clear. Hopefully it will only take 3 or 4 times. He also has not had any food since 10:30 this morning and will likely not be fed again for another 24 hours or so. Still he is being an amazing little man, laughing and smiling.

An update on the Central line issue we informed everyone about last night….The CVC team examined the line and determined there was a weak area that needed to be repaired. This was a relatively simple procedure and done at the bedside. They cut the line beyond the weak point and fed another wire through and glued it together. That was a sigh of relief for them to be able to fix it. Though it was simple it is not without risk and much be watched closely to ensure nothing made its way into the line to contaminate it during the repair. We did have some issues and it took 3 repair kits with us literally covering his open line with a sterile gauze pad for close to 10 minutes while we waited for another kit to arrive. He appears fine and it has been used for labs and seems to be functioning well. We are very relieved that stress is removed.

We will post updates through the day tomorrow to update on Elias progress and recovery with his surgery. We are not certain as of now exactly what time he will be going in the Operating Room. Please keep him in your prayers the next few days, we greatly appreciate it.

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