Sunday, December 19, 2010

Airway Concerns

It has been a rough night and morning so far. Around 3 am this morning Elias began to cough persistently and blow bubbles out of his nose (beautiful image eh?). He was in need of frequent suction and almost unable to stop coughing. His O2 Sats have been low and his heart rate high. He obviously has something going on in his airway. We just are not sure if it is irritation or if he might be getting sick...

We have given him all kinds of treatment and medicines to attempt and relieve his discomfort. We seem to be able to manage it enough for him to sleep for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. This always happens on a weekend! We are going to have to manage until tomorrow when we can call the pulmonary clinic for some direction. The ER will be useless, as we have learned in the past and candidly told so by his Pulmonologist. He had a similar scenario going while he was in the hospital last month and after a day or so he improved without any real intervention. At least not proactively. He was on several different antibiotics and pain control meds at the time. We are just praying that this will pass quickly as that did.

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